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what is the Yes. Campaign?

We're on a journey to discover God's next chapter for us, both collectively as a church and individually as children of God. Beginning on January 29, 2023, North Ridge Church embarked on a 2-year campaign of prayer, sacrifice, and generosity to position North Ridge Church to be able to say "YES."  to whatever God is asking us to step into. 

View below the details of where we've been, where we are, and where we are going as we take this journey.

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Yes. financial commitment

As part of the Yes. Campaign, North Ridge has prayerfully, and with the professional council of Injoy Stewardship Solutions, identified a target of $450,000 above and beyond regular giving over the next two years. This financial sacrifice will allow North Ridge to say "Yes." when God opens the door to a permanent facility to call home.

We will receive a Financial Commitment Card at the beginning of the 21-Day Spiritual Journey. As a church family, we will be seeking after God's direction over the Spiritual Journey to sacrificially say "Yes" to what He asks of us. On Sunday, February 26, we will make financial commitments to "Yes."

Please email us for more information.

Yes. Campaign Giving FAQS

We know that there are many questions surrounding a financial commitment to Yes. Below we've included some of the more frequently asked questions and answers to help you decide what's best for you. As always, please email us with any additional questions. 

  • As we partner together to seek a 24/7 space of our own, February 26 is the day we bring our Yes Commitment Card designating what we prayerfully believe God is asking us to give during the next two years.

  • (A financial commitment above and beyond, or in addition, to your regular tithe)

    1. Bring a special offering on Sunday, February 26 (separate from your regular giving) and place your cash/check in the special envelopes provided that day. We are asking for the biggest and best offering each one can bring.
    2. Make a 2-year financial commitment which can be given in the frequency you desire (monthly, quarterly, annually, etc.)
    • Write the one-time offering amount you will bring on Sunday, February 26 (separate from your regular giving) in the designated space.
    • Write the total amount of your 2-year commitment in the designated space.
    • There is also a space for you to designate any non-cash donations or assets to give (If you select this option we will contact you about specifics prior to March 12.)

    There are 3 other choices:

    • I/We commit to start tithing (10% of our income) - Select this box if you have not been tithing, but will start.
    • I/We commit to start giving regularly to North Ridge - Select this box if you are not ready to tithe, but will give regularly.
    • I/We commit to praying for North Ridge - We truly hope everyone will be willing to do this.
  • After you turn in your Yes. Commitment Card you will receive information about ways to give and how to designate it so that we know what has been given to the Yes campaign.

  • You will place your Yes offering (an envelope will be provided that day) and Yes Commitment Card in an enclosed container. Only the 2-3 people from the North Ridge Church finance team designated to tabulate the amounts will see these cards, which will be kept confidential. Your family will, however, be able to place a token on the “YES” mountain, designating your participation, as well as receive a commemorative token to take home.

  • Because we believe it is good for children to understand generosity and sacrifice, we encourage them to be part of this. At the end of the service, children (except for nursery) will join us so that you can make the pledge together as a family.

  • You can either:

    • Place it in the Yes container on March 5
    • Email us and we will make other arrangements with you
  • We celebrate people taking the step of tithing 10% of their income. Let us know if you have questions about that.

go deeper

Yes. Spiritual journey

This 21-Day Spiritual Journey Guide is designed to be used by everyone at North Ridge Church during our spiritual journey called “Yes.” The “Yes.” campaign is simply a time where, as a church family, we seek God’s direction for our lives individually and collectively through scriptural study, prayer, and fasting.

The collective spiritual journey for the church will begin on February 6, 2023, but individuals may embark on the journey at any time. Access the digital version below or download the 21-Day Spiritual Journey Guide, then fill out the Spiritual Commitment form to receive encouragement and prayer over the 21 days.



21-Day spiritual Journey guide

Join us for 21 days of going deeper with God.