outreach 167

There are 168 hours in a week. At North Ridge we believe that the one hour in church each week is important, but that real purpose comes from what we do with the other 167 hours. We strive to live the “167” in what we do each day.

serve others

acts 1:8 Strategy

North Ridge lives out the “167” through an Acts 1:8 strategy. By developing relationships based on mutual relationship and mutual edification, we will go both into our local community of Waunakee and to “the end of the earth” with a heart to be with, love, and serve others as Jesus did and commands us to do.

our ministry partners

In many cases, our service will involve “hands on” opportunities, while sometimes we will financially and prayerfully support organizations and individuals in places we would never be able to reach without these partnerships.

  • Waunakee Neighborhood Connection

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  • Waunakee Food Pantry

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  • Global Partners Missionary

    Czech Republic

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get involved

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