North Ridge Kids is a safe, clean, fun environment for your child while you attend worship service. We want to make time spent at North Ridge Kids a meaningful and positive experience for all children under our care. We use age-appropriate toys and activities to help the children learn about God in creative and fun ways. We want to express Christ's love to the children while providing the best care.

Info for Parents

Please stop at the registration table, located in the upstairs lobby to the right, to get your child's name tag and your parent tag. All North Ridge Kids volunteers have had a background check and have been given guidelines and policies in caring for your child. 

new to North Ridge?

What to expect

We hope you will join us in North Ridge Kids! If your child has never been to a kids class, here are a few things you can expect when you arrive:


Check-in begins 15 minutes prior to the start of each service. Our Guest Services team will be happy to register your family, assist with printing name tags and pick-up slips, as well as escort you to your child’s classroom. Please find the NEW FAMILY REGISTRATION table to the right as you enter the lobby. 

drop off/pick up

The pick-up slip that you receive upon check-in has your child’s name and classroom number listed. This room is where you will drop-off and pick-up your child. Simply give the pick-up slip to the volunteer in your child’s room so that your children can be released to you securely. Forgot or lost your pick-up slip? Stop by a NR Kids check-in desk where our team will verify your ID and provide you with a replacement pick-up slip.


Your child will enjoy engaging with their small group in their classroom for age-appropriate worship and learning and play curriculum. Programming can include crafts, physical activities, videos, music, and more. 

Looking for additional resources? Check out our fully online curriculum for your child's age group below.  

online resources

North Ridge Kids provides a full online curriculum every week for your child to discover God and grow in their faith journey through videos and special activities.

New online resources are added every Saturday. 

nursery + Preschool

The youngest North Ridge kids can learn and play with appropriate videos and activities you can do at home. 

Print the Parent Guide and keep on at home and one in the car.

grades k-5

Two different video story formats are available each week. Find the one your child prefers or take time to watch them both this week.

Print the Parent Guide and keep one at home and one in the car.

Parent Resources

We want to come alongside you and provide resources to talk with your kids about what they are learning on Sunday mornings at North Ridge Kids.  Each month we have a new Bible verse to memorize.  Below are parent resources you can use during the week with topics and talking points to discuss with your kids.


A core value of NR Kids is that our space is a safe place for everyone. We encourage you to email us with any questions or concerns. 

  • We are sensitive to several kiddos who have food and environmental allergies. When food or possible non-food triggers are used for an illustration or for a special occasion in a classroom, there will be a notification with ingredients listed at the check-in table and classroom doors. Please remind your child's teacher if your child has a food or environmental allergy.

  • We love seeing your children in person on Sundays! For the safety of children and volunteers, please only check in your child(ren) if they are completely healthy. If they have any symptoms, even slight ones, we ask you to please worship at home. Thank you for your help and understanding. If your child becomes sick during service, a kids volunteer will attempt to reach the guardian phone numbers on hand for the child. 

  • NR Kids uses Orange curriculumresources and experiences that promote the alignment of the church and the home.