Orchard Church

Pastor Nick and Leiah are following the call to plant a church here in Dane County and North Ridge Church is excited to send them out in this new venture

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We know this is a big deal, and you may have questions or concerns. We've tried to answer some of the big questions below. If you'd still like to talk after reading the FAQs, please reach out to Pastor Brent or Pastor Nick. Seriously, we'd love to talk to you!

  • The planting of Orchard Church in Madison is a culmination of God's leading, both for Pastor Nick and Leiah and North Ridge Church. 

    Pastor Nick and Leiah were clearly called to come to North Ridge, and as they leaned into a new thing that God was calling them to over the past few years, God made it clear it was to plant a new church in Madison. 

    Since the earliest days of North Ridge Church, we have desired to reach people who were far from God. One of the ways that we believe we are called to do that is through multiplication efforts, such as church planting. Since North Ridge was established, we have invested finances for future multiplication. Sending Pastor Nick and Leiah out to plant Orchard Church allows us to reach new people for Jesus. We're excited that God has aligned North Ridge's mission with Pastor Nick and Leiah's calling!

  • As Pastor Brent has often said, "The church is not a building." In the New Testament, the English translation of the Greek word "ekklesia" is "church," but the word carries a much larger meaning. In the Biblical context, church refers to a community of believers who are called out to be a part of God's people in the world. Though we meet for Sunday worship at the Village Center, WE are the church and are not limited by a physical building. God's calling to plant Orchard Church is a part of being the church. Also, planting Orchard Church does not slow down or negatively impact the motivation or practical possibility of acquiring future land and/or a building for North Ridge.

  • No. All of the funds that have been given or pledged over the next two years to allow North Ridge to say "Yes" to a future space of our own will go toward the campaign. As we mentioned earlier, North Ridge Church has been investing for future multiplication and church planting for years. Any financial support for Orchard Church will come from these funds.

  • Pastor Nick is currently working full-time at North Ridge and will be through the end of the summer of 2023. Beginning this fall, he will begin to "teeter-totter" toward giving more time to Orchard Church over the following 12-13 months. He plans to be a full-time lead pastor at Orchard Church by August 2024. The same is true for Leiah and her various volunteer roles at North Ridge Church.

    Over this period of transition, Pastor Brent and Pastor Nick will work with the North Ridge staff and leadership to hand off Pastor Nick's responsibilities. Some of the responsibilities will be absorbed within the current staff and some will be taken by new or existing volunteer leaders. There is a possibility that North Ridge Church may hire a new staff person. We are prayerfully discerning how to best transition, and will keep you updated as we know more!

  • Yes. As Pastor Nick and Leiah share the plan and vision for Orchard Church, they will be seeking to fill leadership roles and build a launch team for the new church. People currently at North Ridge Church will fill some of these roles. This is a good thing! We always should seek to follow where God calls us to go.

    There are many ways to get involved with Orchard Church, some of which are outlined below. Some people may feel called to go "all in" with Orchard Church, others may be led to help with the launch team or various Orchard Church events, and some may pray for and cheer Orchard Church along as Pastor Nick and Leiah plant the new church. You may seek out Pastor Nick and Leiah to get involved, or they make seek you out. We only ask that you prayerfully and intentionally seek what God is asking of you.

    Most importantly, this is not a competition. North Ridge Church and Orchard Church hold this process with open hands and trust that God will lead and provide. We will continue to work together to reach new people with the powerful and life-changing message of Jesus.

planting the orchard

how can you help?

  • Prayer partnership

    Orchard Church is seeking 500 prayer partners as we launch. Sign up using the button to the right or at the Connection Point table on Sundays. We will provide specific prayer requests and keep you updated with our progress and needs through a monthly email newsletter.

  • get more information

    Orchard Church hosted two informational meetings in June 2023, and are planning on hosting another meeting in April/May 2024. Stay tuned for more information.

    In the meantime, please email Pastor Nick and Leiah to find out how to get involved with Orchard Church.

  • stay connected

    Follow Orchard Church on Instagram and Facebook and check out our website for all the updates. Feel free to email us or reach out to Pastor Nick or Leiah with any questions you have. We are excited to share in this journey with the North Ridge family!