Prayer Requests

At North Ridge Church, we believe that all followers of Christ have been given access to the very throne of God through prayer. We encourage you to submit your prayer requests here. You decide the level of privacy for each request.

As a church, we will also update this page with requests for our church family to pray for. Stop back often and please pray for the specific needs of North Ridge Church and our Waunakee community below. 

Please note: We will share your request according to the privacy settings that you selected and only by the discernment of church leadership. If your prayer request contains details about other individuals who have not given consent to have those details disclosed, we will not post the prayers publicly to this prayer request page, regardless of the privacy settings that you have selected.

Prayer Request

Please fill out the form below with your prayer request. The North Ridge Church prayer team consists of trusted prayer partners, leadership, and staff who will intercede on your behalf. If you would like to publish your request on this site, please make sure to mark the appropriate details and audience below. 

Please pray for...


I have a mostly unspoken prayer that I'm asking my church family to please lift up earnestly to Jesus. My family and I have been in almost a year long valley of truly gut wrenching circumstances. I just pray for the end of this to please come, as it rips my heart apart to see what's happening to my family continue.. but if it must continue, please pray that I can trust in Jesus to see me through.. because this situation has taken me to the brink, time after time. I sometimes feel like I can't take another horrible moment of this unfolding in our lives. Please God, please help me and my family to survive this valley of darkness. I cry out to you God, my Father.. please. Amen.


Please pray with me I will be able to maintain the current position I have at my job. We have a new store manager who is a bully, and she's interviewing a new manager in the area I work in. I've been repeatedly cautioned I could get thrown to the front end if I don't "improve" (I've been there 5+ years...!!) ....I'm absolutely terrified it will come true....they're not playing. I NEED this position to stay full time -- otherwise, my hours will be cut a LOT. Finding additional work will NOT be easy for me.


One of the nurses that I worked with has been fighting a long battle with breast cancer. I found out that her son was the active shooter in Mt. Horeb on May 1st. Please pray for her during this difficult time as she grieves the loss of her child while continuing her fight against cancer. Please pray for their entire family. Please pray for students, teachers, families, the community, and any one else who was affected directly or indirectly by this tragic event. Thank you so much.


Thank you for praying for Rose yesterday as we were at the Emergency Room. Rose has been in pain for the last several months. The Doctors found that she has an enlarge spleen resulting from Small B cell Lymphoma(Cancer). She has an appt on Friday 10 May in the afternoon to have a pet scan. After the results are known the Dr's will know how to proceed on the spleen. Pleas pray that there may be an earlier appt time. She is resting now and has medicine to keep the pain down


Good Morning, My mom will be having open heart surgery on the 25th to repair 2 valves. She is 80 years young! I would please like to ask for prayers for healing and guidance for the doctors and nurses. Also pray for strength and some minor life adjustments among her children as we care for her over the next few months. Thank you!