Prayer Requests

At North Ridge Church, we believe that all followers of Christ have been given access to the very throne of God through prayer. We encourage you to submit your prayer requests here. You decide the level of privacy for each request.

As a church, we will also update this page with requests for our church family to pray for. Stop back often and please pray for the specific needs of North Ridge Church and our Waunakee community below. 

Please note: We will share your request according to the privacy settings that you selected and only by the discernment of church leadership. If your prayer request contains details about other individuals who have not given consent to have those details disclosed, we will not post the prayers publicly to this prayer request page, regardless of the privacy settings that you have selected.

Prayer Request

Please fill out the form below with your prayer request. The North Ridge Church prayer team consists of trusted prayer partners, leadership, and staff who will intercede on your behalf. If you would like to publish your request on this site, please make sure to mark the appropriate details and audience below. 

Please pray for...


I have a couple prayer requests, please: 1. Myself and several others are suffering in a similar way. Please pray that God give us all faith and end our suffering. Pray God move in power to keep his promises to us and end the torment our souls are experiencing for good. What we are going through is very painful. Pray for an abundance of love, and for lots of God’s redeeming love and grace. Pray God not delay. 2. Please pray for the salvation of my lost family and friends and that God move in power today to bring them to saving faith in Jesus. Pray for God’s love for them and that not one be lost. Pray for the gift of great faith, for love, and that God’s best will for each of them to be made manifest. Pray they repent before anything bad happens to them. Pray God use me to minister to them and equip me to do so. 3. Please pray for my mom and me that we would be safe, and strong and healthy spiritually and physically and for God’s blessing and favor in our work, living situations, relationships and finances. Pray God guide and make a clear way for us both, take us by the right hand, and open doors in the direction of his best will for us. Pray God bless us to take care of ourselves and bless others. Pray for complete healing, revival, and restoration of every kind for us both.


Please pray for my son Clark for salvation and protection and God's divine favor and mercy with the guards and inmates and grant him peace of mind and wisdom to walk wisely


Please pray my siblings dorothy, ossie and Paul all get better with flu or whatever they have.. PRay the Lord heals them. Pray the Lord helps me in my job. Pray He advances me and helps me in this position..Pray for favor and the Lord grants me wisdom... and I do well and He speaks His will to me...and to me.


Please pray for me and my boyfriend Jesse. We love each other very much and have been together for a while, but he has been through a lot emotionally and a lot of trauma in his life, so he has walls that go up and down, that he fights against. Please pray for his walls to come down and for his health problems. I know the LORD can break down his walls and help his health. Thank you and GOD bless.


Kindly please pray for the forgiveness of all my sins and for my salvation.